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Wild Thoughts International Exhibition

Vivid Exclusive Art Gallery presents to you

"Wild Thoughts" an international group exhibition featuring 13 artists from 8 counties, curated by Jideonwor Gabriel, managed by Arte Global by Malvicino Palermo.

Wild thoughts could be an exciting or scary thoughts that you would not usually have. But most artists do have wild thoughts because this is how they were born, to think beyond imaginations, that’s why most artworks are masterpieces seen the stupendous effects of communication between the artists and the viewers,

“Wild thoughts” showing the following artists :

Jamiu Hassan

Ademola Ojo

Ale Feijó

Gloria Keh

Martin Gaudreault

Bia Nogueira

Josephine Di Giovanna

Jose Maria Bea

Martha Parra

Teresa Kodama

Silvia Azevedo

Milena Juliano

Tania Martins

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